Starved Rock Country's Only Guided History Tours

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Starved Rock Country’s Only Guided history Tours

We add FUN to the beauty and history of Ottawa!

Our Fall/Winter Tours are designed to enhance your trip to Starved Rock Country.

“Wine Through Time” and visit our roaring 20’s with this proabition era tour. Visit four of our best “watering holes” and hear the creative ways we survived prohibition. The bootleggers hiding places, the gambling dens and the brothels were plentiful during this dark time.

“Indian Burial Mounds & Forgotten Graveyards” brings you face to face with the hardship and tragedy of our pioneers. We visit 8,000 year old Indian Burial mounds, three pioneer graveyards lost to time and The Ottawa Aveneue Cemetery which holds secrets to our past.

temperance be damned on this adventure!

Let’s “Wine Through Time” as we dive into the sordid past of gambling, brothels and booze in Starved Rock Country and Ottawa, Illinois. Enjoy a libation at our best “watering holes” as we relive a bawdy time in Ottawa.

Plus more, while surrounded by an America in Bloom City and a Downtown on the Register of Historic Places.

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Our logo is based on the flag of the City of Ottawa.

Our logo is based on the flag of the City of Ottawa.

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You’ll feel like a pioneering local after our tours

From stoic Abraham Lincoln at the Lincoln & Douglas Debates to the sad events of the Radium Girls, Ottawa has seen many highs and lows. We were designed as a government city at the end of the Illinois & Michigan Canal, expediting the statehood of Illinois.

We’ve found the history that was lost to time.

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We hold nothing back! We share the good, bad & Ugly.

In the 1830’s the Illinois & Michigan Canal made us a boon town with all the good, bad & ugly that can come with that growth. Awesome Ottawa Tours shares the real, true & sometimes unflattering history of Starved Rock Country. See where Alson Woodruff executed the massacre that ended the Irish Rebellion on the I&M Canal. Hear the gruesome story of David Moore found bludgeoned to death in Allen Park. Then the investigation, arrest and subsequent hanging of his murderers.Don’t just visit Ottawa, Illinois dive in, roll around, breath it in!


What our customers are saying….

“I can’t believe it!”

“I’ve lived here my whole life and I never knew that!”

“I didn’t learn any of this in local schools!”



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Where History Was Made

Ottawa, Illinois is the site of the first Lincoln Douglas Debate. Historians have traditionally regarded this series of seven debates between Stephen A. Douglas and Abraham Lincoln during the 1858 Illinois state election campaign as among the most significant statements in American political history. See the location and feel what it must have been like to be in the crowd of over 10,000 spectators.

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Historic Preservation Abounds

From the Greek Revival Appellate Court Building to the splendidly restored Italianate Reddick Mansion, history and lore surround you in Ottawa. You will hear the history and the present of our many historic strutures.

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Beauty Everywhere!

Ottawa, Illinois has been a winning contestant of America in Bloom for multiple years. Ride the historic trails, the scenic roads and lush beautiful parks on our O-Town Cruisers.