Do You Know What You Don't Know?

After a great Haunted Ottawa History Tour I wen’t to C230 for a glass of wine. I was browsing some old pictures as nerds like me often do. Of paticular interest to me was a picture taken from an airplane showing St. Columba Church, Reddick Mansion and the surrounding blocks. My guess is that it was taken in the 70’s, it showed some significant changes in that area.

Always being one to pass along some history, I decided to show it to my 20 something bartender and point out some changes that may interest her. After some “oh’s” and “ah’s” I shared with her my business as a local researcher and tour guide and handed her my card.

“Oh, I would never take these tours. I’ve lived here my whole life.” In psychology, this cognitive barrier is called the illusion of explanatory depth. This means you think you fully understand something that you actually don’t. After some playful quizzing, it was revealed she would benefit greatly from an Awesome Ottawa Tour. I offered her a free tour, fingers crossed.

What are you proud of? Let’s be broad and talk about being proud of our family. Are you proud of their accomplishments? Proud of the time your child scoring the winning touchdown? Are you proud of your mother or father for accademic or finacial success or how they struggled through difficulty to overcome and succeed? In your mind let’s broaden the scope. Are you proud of your country? Are you proud of your alma mater? Your spouse? Are you proud of your home town?

I am, without a doubt deeply proud of Ottawa, Illinois. Why? Because, I know Ottawa’s past. I know it’s accomplishments. I know it’s many failures and how she overcame them. I know this as you know your family. You can’t claim to be proud of anyting without the knowledge of WHAT you are proud of.

Full disclosure! I want you to book a tour with Awesome Ottawa Tours. Why? Because, I wan’t you to be as proud of Starved Rock Country and Ottawa, Illinois as I am.

You don’t know what you don’t know. You can’t be proud of something if you don’t know its story. Let me share with you the story of Ottawa, Illinois.